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Treatment with Compounds Targeting Cystathionin γ-Lyase Limits Burn Wound Progression in a Rodent Comb Burn Model

Localization of Superantigen Virulence Factors in Kidney Tissue of Animals with Staphylococcus aureus-Infected Burn Wounds

Molecular, Histologic, and Non-Invasive Imaging Assessment of Donor Site Healing Dynamics

The Novel Application of a Spatial Frequence Domain Imaging to Determine Signature Spectral Differences Between Infected and Non-Infected Burn Wounds

Comorbitities of Significant Medical History in Firefighters Increases Likelihood of Larger Burn Injuries

Oxazolidinone Antibiotic Treatment Inhibits Virulence Factor Production in MRSA-Infected Burn Wounds

Two Techniques for Achieving Primary Wound Clossure: Undermining and Imbrication- Is There a Difference in Skin Tension and Perfusion?


Active Dynamic Therapy for Burn Wound Depth Detection

Transcriptomic Perturbations in the Local Innate Immune Response Caused by Staphylococcus Aureus Infected Burn Wounds

Colonizing Bacteria Impacts Local Host Response to Inflammation and Wound Healing for Burn Wounds: A Preliminary Burn Wound Microbiome Analysis

Improved Outcomes of Patients with Inhalation Injury after Implementing a Standard Nebulizer Cocktail

Commercially Available Topical PDGF as a Novel Agent to Acceleration Burn-Related Wound Healing

Basic Presence of Fibrocytes in a Porcine Hypertrophic Scar Model

In Vivo Comparison of the Effectiveness of a Glycycline Antibiotic in Reducing MRSA Pathogenicity in Burn Wounds


Organ Donation from Burn-Injured Patients: A National Perspective

A Multi-Modal Assessment of Melanin and Melanocyte Activity in Abnormally Pigmented Hypertrophic Scar

Reduction of Multi-Drug Resistant Pathogens and Associated Virulence Factors in a Burn Wound Infection Model: Further Understanding of the Effectiveness of a Hydroconductive Dressing

Characterization of Early Changes in Limb Compartment Pressure Following Electrical Contact Injury

Factors Impacting the Likelihood of Death in Patients with Small TBSA Burns

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