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MedStar Health Research Symposium-2013

The MedStar Health Research Institute Annual Research Symposium was held on March 4th at the Sheraton Hotel in Columbia, MD. In its second year, the goals of the symposium were to:

  • Bring clinicians, investigators, administrators and associates from across the system together and start a dialogue about the strategic importance of research

  • Raise awareness about the high-quality research already taking place within MedStar Health

  • Continue to build system-wide research community and encourage system-wide collaborations.

Poster presentations from the Firefighters’ Burn and Surgical Research Lab were as follows:

NJ Prindeze, P Fathi, MJ Mino, NA Mauskar, TE Travis, LT Moffatt, JW Shupp: Active Dynamic Thermography for Burn Wound Depth Detection.

RT Ortiz, LT Moffatt, MC Robson, MH Jordan, JW Shupp: Drawtex Reduces Virulence Factor Presence in MRSA-Infected Burn Wounds.

PR Randad, RT Ortiz, DY Jo, LT Moffatt, MH Jordan, JW Shupp: Transcriptomic Perturbations in the Local Innate Immune Response Caused by Staphylococcus Aureus Infect Burn Wounds.

TE Travis, MJ Mino, NA Mauskar, LT Moffatt, PE Fidler, MH Jordan, JW Shupp: Commercially Available Topical PDGF as a Novel Agent to Accelerate Burn-Related Wound Healing.

DY Jo, RT Ortiz, LT Moffatt, PR Randad, BM Amundsen, NJ Prindeze, JW Shupp: In Vivo Comparison of the Effectiveness of a Glycylcycline and a Lincosamide Antibiotic in Reducing MRSA Pathogenicity in Burn Wounds.

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