Presentation Update- March 2014

March 20, 2014

Taryn Travis, MD represented the Burn and Surgical Research team and made the following presentations in the month of March:


A Multimodal Assessment of Melanin and Melanocyte Activity in Abnormally Pigmented Hypertrophic Scar. Poster Presentation. 2014 All Surgeons’ Day. Metropolitan Washington DC Chapter of the American College of Surgeons. Washington, DC. March 8, 2014. Taryn E. Travis, MD, Pejhman Ghassemi, PhD, Nicholas J. Prindeze, BS, Dereck W. Paul, BS, Lauren T. Moffatt, PhD, Jessica C. Ramella-Roman, PhD, Jeffrey W. Shupp, MD


The Application of Pressure Reduces Hypertrophic Scar Pathology:  A Gross, Cellular and Molecular Analysis Using a Validated Animal Model. Podium Presentation. 2014 National COT Resident Paper Competition, Committee on Trauma, American College of Surgeons. Philadelphia, PA. March 20, 2014. Taryn E. Travis, MD, Pejhman Ghassemi, PhD, Dereck W. Paul, BS, Nick J. Prindeze, BS, Lauren T. Moffatt, PhD, Jessica Ramella-Roman, PhD, Jeffrey W. Shupp, MD


Biphasic Presence of Fibrocytes in a Porcine Hypertrophic Scar Model. Podium Presentation.2014 Annual Meeting. Collaborative Research Forum. San Juan, Puerto Rico. March 22, 2014. T. E. Travis, MD, M. J. Mino, MD, N. A. Mauskar, MD, P. Ghassemi, PhD, J. C. Ramella-Roman, PhD, J. W. Shupp, MD

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Members of the Burn Research Team published the following manuscript in 2019 and 2020:

Burn-Induced Coagulopathies: a Comprehensive Review.

Ball RL, Ke...

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