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Resident Research Day

Shawn Tejiram, MD and Taryn Travis, MD both presented posters at the MedStar Health Research Institute/MedStar Washington Hospital Center Resident Research Day on May 6, 2014. Their poster presentations were based on research they conducted in the Firefighters’ Burn and Surgical Research Lab over the past year.

Dr. Travis was further selected as a Poster Finalist and was given the opportunity to give a short oral presentation about her poster entitled “A multi-modal assessment of melanin and melanocyte activity in abnormally-pigmented hypertrophic scar”. For her presentation, she was awarded First Place poster among the Research Residents.

Additionally, the manuscript that she submitted in the paper competition was selected as a finalist, and she gave a podium presentation on the work entitled “Matrix Metalloproteinase-7 is Present Early in Hypertrophic Wound Healing and Differentially Regulated in Scar Treated with Pressure”. For these efforts, Dr. Travis was awarded Second Place manuscript among the Research Residents.

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