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Publication Update-December 2014

The FBSRL published four new manuscripts. Members of the FBSRL team are bolded in the author blocks below:

1. Ghassemi, P., Shupp, J.W.,Travis, T.E., Gravunder, A.J., Moffatt, L.T., Ramella-Roman, J.C. 2015. A portable automatic pressure delivery system for scar compression therapy in large animals. Rev Sci Instrum 86:015101.

2. Carney, B.C., Ortiz, R.T., Bullock, R.M., Prindeze, N.J., Moffatt, L.T., Robson, M.C., Shupp, J.W. 2014. Reduction of a multidrug-resistant pathogen and associated virulence factors in a burn wound infection model: further understanding of the effectiveness of a hydroconductive dressing. Eplasty Dec 10; 14:e45 (eCollection).

3. Prindeze, N.J., Fathi, P., Mino, M.J., Mauskar, N.A., Travis, T.E., Paul, D.W.,Moffatt, L.T., Shupp, J.W. 2014. Examination of the Early Diagnostic Applicability of Active Dynamic Thermography for Burn Wound Depth Assessment and Concept Analysis. J Burn Care Res Nov 19 (Epub ahead of print).

4. Ghassemi, P., Travis, T.E., Moffatt, L.T., Shupp, J.W., Ramella-Roman, J.C. 2014. A polarized multispectral imaging system for quantitative assessment of hypertrophic scars. Biomed Opt Express 5:3337-3354.

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