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Military Health System Research Symposium 2016

Two members of our team presented their work at the Military Health System Research Symposium in Orlando, FL.

Burn Injury Induces Augmentations in Endothelial Glycocalyx Shedding: Mariana Vigiola Cruz MD, Jenna N. Luker MD, Bonnie C. Carney BS, Kathleen E. Brummel-Ziedins PhD, Thomas Orfeo PhD, Anna Day BS, Jenny Zhang BS, Lauren T. Moffatt PhD, Laura S. Johnson MD, Jeffrey W. Shupp MD

Examining the Presence of Burn Induced Coagulopathy Using An Integrative Approach: Shawn Tejiram, MD, Kathleen E. Brummel-Ziedins, PhD, Jenna N. Luker, MD, Thomas Orfeo, PhD, Melissa M. McLawhorn, RN, Lauren T. Moffatt, PhD, Jeffrey W. Shupp, MD

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