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Military Health Research Symposium

Oral Presentations:

Does admission GCS impact mortality risk following thermal injury?

Nosanov LB, McLawhorn MM, Moffatt LT, Shupp JW

Elucidating the contribution of concurrent non-thermal trauma in burn injury morbidity and mortality.

McLawhorn MM, Nosanov LB, Stiles CE, Shupp JW

Poster presentations:

Characterizing Pigmentation Signaling in Burn Scar: Taking Steps Toward Alleviating Dyspigmentation. Carney BC, Chen JH, Moffatt LT, Shupp JW

Alterations in Biomarkers of Coagulation and Fibrinolysis Following Burn Injury

Ball RL, Vazquez JS, Vigiola Cruz M, Brummel-Ziedins K, Orfeo, Moffatt LT, Shupp JW

Assessment of In Vitro Disruption of MRSA Biofilms and Cytotoxicity with Commonly Used Skin Cleansing Agents

Day A, Zhang J, Monger KW, Carney BC, Alkhalil A, Moffatt LT, Shupp JW

Impact of Pathogen Colonization and Infection on a Dermal Regeneration Matrix

Monger KM, Carney BC, Moffatt LT, Shupp JW

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