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American Burn Association: 51st Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV

Podium Presentations:

94 Evaluating Quality in Burn Care: Limitations of the Nationwide Readmission Database

N J Prindeze, BS, M M McLawhorn, RN, T E Travis, MD, J W Shupp, MD, L S Johnson, MD

110 Fighting A New Front On An Old Battlefield: Examining the Development of Topical Antimicrobial Care to Control Burn Wound Sepsis S Tejiram, MD,

J W Shupp, MD

Poster Presentations:

356 Investigation of the Variable Histopathology of Burn Eschar

R L Ball, MD, M C Mauck, MD, MPH, M M McLawhorn, RN, L T Moffatt, PhD, J W Shupp, MD

363 Examination of Differences in Hypertrophic Scar Potential of Large, Full Thickness Wounds in Yorkshire Versus Duroc Swine

R D Smith Jr, ., BS, B C Carney, BS, A Alkhalil, PhD, L T Moffatt, PhD, J W Shupp, MD

527 Promoter CpG Methylation Status in POMC and its Role in Dyspigmented Burn Hypertrophic Scar

B C Carney, BS, L T Moffatt, PhD, C M Simbulan-Rosenthal, PhD, D S Rosenthal, PhD, J W Shupp, MD, FACS

Association of Personal Protective Equipment Use and Maintenance with Burn Injury: A Pilot Survey of Firefighters

M. McLawhorn, RN BSN1, T. Flamm, FF2, J. Woods, FF2,3, L. Nosanov, MD4, S. Burkey, BA1, L. Moffatt, PhD 1,5, J. Shupp, MD 1,4-6

Underweight Patients Have an Increased Mortality Following Burn Injury:

Clinical Outcomes Reported in the National Burn Repository

Lauren B. Nosanov, MD13, Melissa M. McLawhorn, RN, BSN1, Mariana Vigiola Cruz, MD13,

Lauren T. Moffatt, PhD12, Laura S. Johnson, MD134, Jeffrey W. Shupp, MD135

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder After Burn Injury

Lauren B. Nosanov, MD12, Nicholas J. Prindeze, BS1, Lisa E. Clemente, PA-C2,

Katherine R. Parrish, CRNP2, Taryn E. Travis, MD123, Jeffrey W. Shupp, MD134, Laura S. Johnson, MD123

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