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Proceedings of the 2021 American Burn Association State and Future of Burn Science Meeting

Members from the Burn Research team recently published findings from the 2021 State and Future of Burn Science Meeting in conjunction with colleagues from the American Burn Association.

The paper can be viewed here:

The 2021 American Burn Association State and Future of Burn Science Working Group Authorship (Burn Research team members bolded):

Jeffrey W. Shupp, MD FACS, James H. Holmes, MD FACS, Lauren T. Moffatt, PhD, Herbert A. Phelan MD FACS, Linda Sousse PhD MBA, Kathleen S. Romanowski MD FACS, Marc Jeschke MD PhD FACS FCAHS FCCM FRCS(C), Karen J. Kowalske MD, Karen Badger PhD MSW, Rebekah Allely OTR/L, Robert Cartotto MD FRCS(C), David M. Burmeister PhD, John C. Kubasiak MD, Steven E. Wolf MD FACS, Katherine F. Wallace MS RD LD CNSC, Justin Gillenwater MD MS FACS, Daniel M. Schneider PsyD, C. Scott Hultman MD MBA FACS, Shelley A. Wiechman PhD ABPP, J. Kevin Bailey MD FACS, Heather M. Powell PhD, Taryn E. Travis MD FACS, Dorothy M. Supp PhD, Bonnie C. Carney PhD, Laura S. Johnson MD FACS FCCP, Kevin K. Chung MD FCCM FACP, Steven A. Kahn MD FACS, Angela L.F. Gibson MD PhD FACS, Robert J. Christy PhD, Jeffrey E. Carter MD FACS, Joshua S. Carson MD FACS, Tina L. Palmieri MD FACS MCCM, Nicole M. Kopari MD FACS, Sigrid A. Blome- Eberwein MD FACS, William L. Hickerson MD FACS, Ingrid Parry MS, PT, BT-C, Jill M. Cancio, OTD, OTR/L, CHT, Oscar Suman, PhD, MS, Carl I. Schulman MD MSPH PhD, Regina Lamendella PhD, David M. Hill PharmD BCPS BCCCP FCCM, Lucy A. Wibbenmeyer MD FACS, Rachel M. Nygaard PhD, Anne Lambert Wagner MD FACS, and Damien W. Carter MD FACS, David G. Greenhalgh MD FACS, Mary Beth Lawless RN MSN, Deborah L. Carlson PhD, David T. Harrington MD FACS

2021 ABA State and Future of Burn Science Topics 1. Burn injury in the extremes of age

2. Aftercare

3. Burn Shock

4. Nutrition & Metabolism

5. Neuropsychological

6. Scar Management

7. Multiorgan System Support

8. Wound Depth Assessment

9. Advance in Wound Coverage 10. Incorporating Exercise into the Rehabilitation of the Burn Patient

11. Infection 12. Frostbite


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