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The Systems Biology Group at US Army Medical Research and Material Command, USACEHR
  • Dr. Marti Jett, Director

    • Drs. Shupp and Jett, along with Dr. Rasha Hammamieh (Deputy Director, Integrative Systems Biology) have shared interests in systems biology and –omics approaches to studying trauma, infection, and host-pathogen interactions for many years.  Recent collaborative projects have focused on the transcriptomic responses of human skin cells exposed to Staphylococcal enterotoxins, the impacts of zero gravity on wound healing, and the systems biology studies of a social defeat model for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Further, the groups are both key contributors to a large multi center Department of Defense funded study examining mechanisms and markers of coagulopathy in burn and trauma patients. 

    • Below find articles our group has published with USACEHR

The Ramella-Roman Laboratory
  • Catholic University of America and Florida International University

    • The Ramella-Roman group have been collaborators with the FBSRL on projects focusing on Hypertrophic Scar and Electrical Injury for several years.  They have developed novel non-invasive imaging devices that we have applied to assessing the development of scar, natural history of wound healing, mechanisms and extent of tissue damage after cutaneous trauma, and wound infections.  We have also relied on their vast engineering expertise to develop electrical burn delivery systems (EBDS), therapeutic pressure delivery devices for treating scar, and many other tools and instruments that have kept our research at the cutting edge and allowed for unique solutions to overcome obstacles.  Dr. Jeffrey Shupp serves as faculty in the Biomedical Engineering Department at CUA and teaches a course in biomedical imaging and optics.

    • Dr. Ramella-Roman has recently taken a position at Florida International University and our collaboration continues:

The Rosenthal Laboratory 
  • Georgetown University, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

    • Dr. Rosenthal is an Associate Professor and  Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. He is a member of the Research Faculty and the Radiation Biology Program at the Lombardi Cancer Center.  The FBSRL and Dr. Rosenthal’s lab have collaborated most recently on a project aimed at discovering post-translational biomarkers for radiation exposure in skin and hair.


  • MedStar Cardiovascular Research Network (MCRN)

    • The FBSRL and MCRN have collaborated both formally and informally on research projects and in navigating the complexities of pre-clinical surgical research.

      • Dr. Stephen Epstein and the Pergament Laboratory:  Our research groups have collaborated on projects under the umbrella of regenerative medicine and the application of stem cell products to angiogenesis and wound healing.
      • MCRN Pre-Clinical Research Laboratory:  Under the direction of David Hellinga, our groups have worked together in helping to manage and advance the preclinical surgical capabilities of MHRI.
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