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Current Studies
  • Wound Healing

    • Burns and Surgical Wounds

    • Other Traumatic Wounds

    • Other Dermal Injury/Disease

  • Hypertrophic scarring

    • Natural History of Scar Formation and Scar Characterization

    • Pressure Therapy

  • Cutaneous Infection

    • Host and Pathogen Interactions and Innate Immunity

    • Antibiotic Treatments

    • Virulence Factors and Superantigens

    • Multi-drug Resistant Species

  • Burn and wound topical therapies

    • Dressings

    • Topical Healing Accelerants

  • Burn wound progression

  • Systems Biology of Trauma

    • Systemic Responses To Burn Injury

    • Electrical Injury

    • Coagulopathy as a Result of Trauma/Burn

    • PTSD


The FBSRL has experience and expertise in the following areas, which are the primary areas of research focus and interest:

  • Histology

  • Molecular Biology

  • Mammalian Cell Culture

  • Bacteriology

  • Non-invasive Imaging

  • Model Development and Characterization

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