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MedStar Health Research Symposium Presentations and Awards

MedStar Health Research Symposium Presentations and Awards

The Burn Team was well represented at the 2018 MedStar Health Research Symposium. The following team members presented posters during the session:

Dr. Abdulnaser Alkhalil: Compression Modulates Essential Cell Functions in an Animal Model of Hypertrophic Scar

Rob Smith: (1) Pigment-based Differential Regulation of Redox Homeostasis in Hypertrophic Scar and (2) Compression Induced Changes in Calcium Transport Associated with Improved Wound Outcomes

Michael Kebede: Cholesterol Biosynthesis Modulation is Induced by Compression and Associated with Scar Improvements

Bonnie Carney: (1) Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment Accelerates Re-epithelialization in a Murine Model of Excisional Wound Healing and (2) Treatment Strategies for Hypopigmentation in the Context of Burn Hypertrophic Scar

Melissa McLawhorn: (1) Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections: Characterizing Wound Microbiology and Associated Outcomes at a Regional Quaternary Referral Center and (2) A National Perspective on ECMO Utilization in Patients with Burn Injury

Sarah Burkey: An Analysis of Patient Body Weight and Clinical Outcomes Reported in the National Burn Repository

Kyle Monger: Assessing the Efficacy of Resuscitative Strategies to Mitigate Vascular Endothelial Dysfunction in Rats Following a Scald Injury

Anna Day: Reduction of In vitro Pseudomonal Biofilm Density Using Hypochlorous Acid

Dr. Robert Ball: (1) Evaluating Endothelial Dysfunction in Burn Patients with Syndecan-1 as a Marker of Glycocalyx Shedding, and (2) Assessing the Safety of Using a Hypochlorous Acid Solution for Intracavitary Irrigation and Lavage

Dr. Juan Sebastian Vazquez: (1) Pursuit of Biomarkers for Radiation Exposure Using a Two Model Approach and (2) A Review of Hydroxocobalamin use in Patients with Inhalation Injury at a Regional Burn Center

Nick Prindeze: (1) Cyanide Toxicity with Inhalational Burn Injury: Mortality Association and Frequency of Treatment and (2) Active Dynamic Thermography: Thermograph Reconstruction Techniques and Modeling

Dr. Lauren Nosanov: (1) Graft Loss: Review of a Single Burn Center’s Experience and Proposal of a Graft Loss Grading Scale and (2) Does Admission GCS Impact Mortality Risk Following Thermal Injury?

Dr. Shawn Tejiram: Identifying Management and Therapeutic Protocols in a Patient Exposed to Radioactive Americium 241

Dr. Laura Johnson: Esophageal Manometry for Individualized Ventilator Management of Critically Ill Burn Patients

Dr. Taryn Travis: (1) The Patient Observer Scar Assessment Scale Inadequately Measures Burn Scar Over Time, and (2) Matrix Metalloproteinases are Differentially Regulated and Responsive to Compression Therapy in a Red Duroc Model of Hypertrophic Scar

Kate Wallace: Evaluating a Modified Equation for Protein Needs in Burn Patients

Anna Day was acknowledged as the top-scoring poster overall, and Dr. Vazquez was recognized as the second place finisher in the research fellow category for resident abstract awards.

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