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2023 ASLMS Annual Meeting

Members of the Burn Research team attended the ASLMS annual meeting and presented their findings.

Jasmine Wong, a rising M3 student, presented her work as a podium presentation titled, "Early vs. mid vs. late-stage initiation of laser intervention leads to different outcomes in the treatment of burn hypertrophic scars". Her co-authors were Ms. Victoria Slavinsky, a fellow Georgetown Medical student, Dr. Bonnie Carney, Mr. Davon Lee, Dr. Jeffrey Shupp, and Dr. Taryn Travis.

Joshua Carreras, a rising M2 student from Georgetown University, presented his work as a podium presentation titled, "Patient-reported levels of pain in hypertrophic scar before and after fractional ablative laser treatment". His co-authors were Dr. Bonnie Carney, Mr. Davon Lee, and Dr. Taryn Travis.

Congratulations to Victoria, Jasmine, and Joshua on great presentations!


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