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ABA Annual Meeting: 2023

Members of the Burn Research team attended and presented at the 2023 Annual American Burn Association Meeting.

  • Edward Kelly, MD, our surgical resident fellow, gave three podium presentations:

Assessment of the National Burn Repository’s Ability to Examine Obesity and Determine Burn Related Outcomes and this project was given the Burn Care Quality Platform (BCQP) Best Paper Award.

Admission Inflammatory Cytokine Levels are Predictive of Fluid Resuscitation Requirements in Thermally Injured Patients

Resuscitation Volumes affect perfusion and inflammatory cytokine expression in peri-burn skin: Implications for burn conversion

  • Eriks Ziedins, BS, one of our Research Associates, gave a poster presentation and won first place in the Clinical Sciences: Wounds and Scars Category:

Long Term Scarring Assessment of Burn Wounds Treated with Bioengineering Allogenic Cellularized Construct and this project was given the Robert D. Lindberg Basic Scientist Paper Award.

Esteban Molina, MS, one of our 4th year medical students, gave a podium presentation:

Patient self-grading of itch within hypertrophic scare does not

correlate to mast cell concentration

Michele Saruwatari, MD, one of our collaborators, gave a podium presentation:

A novel solution-blow-spinning device co-sprays autologous skin cell

suspensions and polymer for full thickness wounds

Bonnie Carney, PhD, one of our research scientists, gave a podium presentation:

Fibroblasts derived from scar lose fibrotic phenotype in culture: are we using the right model?

Cameron D'Orio, BS, one of our Research Assistants, gave a podium presentation:

Secondary Immunohistochemical Analysis of Viable Cells as Determined by Hematoxylin and Eosin Staining

Lauren Moffatt, PhD and Jeffrey Shupp, MD put on an educational forum titled:

Precision Medicine Innovations and Tailored Care

Taryn Travis, MD and Bonnie Carney, PhD put on an educational forum titled:

Hypertrophic Burn Care – Beyond Function: Dyschromia


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