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Match Day 2023

We want to congratulate and acknowledge the 4th year Medical Students who have worked with the Burn Research team throughout their time as medical students for a successful match day.

Sanjana Kurup of Howard University College of Medicine matched into Dermatology and will pursue her intern year in New York City at Hofstra/Lenox Hill and will then return to Howard University for her Dermatology residency. While a member of the burn lab, Sanjana studied hyperpigmentation and the usage of fractional ablative laser in burn hypertrophic scars. Her first author publication will be published soon in the journal: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine.

Stephen Tranchina of Georgetown University School of Medicine matched as a Preliminary Surgical intern at Wake Forest Baptist Med Ctr-NC in Winston-Salem, NC. While a member of the burn lab, Stephen contributed to many projects beginning as an M1 student.

Carney BC, Oliver MA, Erdi M, Kirkpatrick LD, Tranchina SP, Rozyyev S, Keyloun JW, Saruwatari MS, Daristotle JL, Moffatt LT, Kofinas P, Sandler AD, Shupp JW.Burns. 2022 Dec;48(8):1950-1965. doi: 10.1016/j.burns.2022.01.012. Epub 2022 Jan 21.PMID: 35151510 Free PMC article."

Congratulations to all of the upcoming graduating students who have worked with our team during the course of their time as medical students.


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